Universal Healthcare

NYT: Would Your Wages Rise Under ‘Medicare for All’?

Research suggests the answer is yes, but not in all cases, and with significant differences across jobs and labor markets. Austin Frakt reports for the NYT.

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Health Care Crisis Hospitals

CNBC: Why U.S. Hospitals Are Closing

In rural towns across the U.S. hospitals are in crisis. Since 2010, 121 rural hospitals have closed. And, the National Rural Health Association says more than one-third of all rural hospitals in the U.S. are at serious risk of shutting down. But not all hospitals are losing money. A series of mergers and acquisitions that began in the 1990’s has created massive hospital groups. Many of these hospital consortiums are turning huge profits every year by offering high priced services to well insured patients.

Health Care Crisis Affordability

Why are drug prices so high? Investigating the outdated US patent system

Priti Krishtel investigates the outdated U.S. patent system in this TED video.